Short Leather Tassel Earrings in White

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So you love the long tassel earrings, but the length is a bit much. This is a safe place, so I’m going to let you know that I can’t imagine the long tassels being too much for anyone. It’s a comfort level thing, I get it. But go in knowing that I don’t agree. Girl, you can ABSOLUTELY pull those off. I know, I know, you have to be comfortable in those things. That’s why we finally made shorties.* We used to tell people that if the long ones were too much, you could cut them to whatever length your little heart desires. But that can be hard to visualize. So we did the cutting for you, and here they are! At 3-3.5” long, they are definitely a safe bet for anyone. I mean if that’s your thing. It’s cool. *Awwww man, we’ve should’ve called ‘em Shorties! Is it too late?