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Ma & Pembum is a Vermont boutique specializing in small batch leather bags, jewelry and home goods. All products are handmade by little old us at The Palace. Come see us!


I love my bag and use it every day. During the week, I fill it with everything including lots of files for work, my lunch, and a coffee container or water bottle. On the weekends, it carries yarn and supplies. The gray leather is beautiful and perfect for work. I'm going to order something a bit brighter for spring/summer, too. Best bag ever! Knowing that it's made in the US by an artisan who also gives a large percentage of her profits to help end human trafficking makes it extra meaningful. When I receive compliments on the bag (which is often), I tell them about Ma and Pembum.

C.H., Sykesville, MD

I'm so glad that I purchased my necklaces and coasters from Ma & Pembum! The necklaces are unique and I love that each piece has a story behind it and a history that I find myself wondering about. The coasters are gorgeous and have held up to so many different situations: hot tea, ice water, the occasional spill by little hands...the coasters are as good as the day they arrived! I'd be happy enough with all of this for the price but knowing that my purchase goes to such a great cause and directly brings help where it is needed to help eliminate trafficking is something that only ups the value of the items bought. Thanks Ma & Pembum for your great products and the conversations they have inspired!

H.O., Ellicott City, MD

Gorgeous handiwork. Excellent service. Charming staff. Hilarious hashtags.  Ma & Pembum!

A.H., Williston, VT

I proudly own 2 Ma & Pembum purses and I love them! They're beautiful, sturdy, and I love that I was able to pick my own size, design, and colors. Phebe is professional, super sweet, and fun to work with. I get so many compliments on my bag that I have a stash of her business cards to hand out because I think everyone should own products from M&P!

J.H., Beverly, MA

Phebe's bags are just the best! I love how unique and stylish they are. I also appreciate Ma & Pembum's fight to end human trafficking. Great bags for a worthy cause!

H.P., Lafayette, CO
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