Your Custom Go-To Baby

After just enough requests for a Go-To Mini minus about 3” from the top, we finally decided that maybe just MAYBE this is a good idea. While I personally find it impossible to carry all my must-haves even in a Go-To Mini, my first thought wasn’t exactly “Hey, great, everyone will be able pack all the things into this little guy!” But then I realized: we don’t need to have EVERYTHING we own with us at ALL TIMES. Not all of us feel the need to keep with us the book we’re currently reading, extra beef sticks (for the children, definitely the children), and a 40-oz water bottle every moment of the day. While I can’t say I identify, golly darn it I respect those of you who can. Say hello to The Go-To Baby! Hush now.  Sh sh sh shhhhhhh

Product details

  • Genuine Leather
  • Dimensions: 13” l x 9” h x 4” d
  • Strap length: Long: 36" x 3/4"; Short 18" x 3/4" (including 1.5” clips)
  • Nickel, brass or antique brass hardware
  • One interior leather pocket with zipper
  • 8” leather tassel (including 2” clip)
  • Custom and handmade in Vermont just for you!
  • Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery
*Model is 5'7"

      Take a Look Inside

      Your Go-To Baby has one inside zip pocket.