Big Girl Pants Incoming!

We did it.

We put our big Girl pants on.

We've been threatening to do it for years, and today is apparently the day. We created a newsletter, ohhhh myyyy goodnesssss. Our goal is to keep you updated with all the comings and goings of Ma & Pembum- both at the Palace and out and about, both informative and ridiculous. Actually, "Informative and Ridiculous" might make a better title for this cute little thing, but I already called it "A Letter Containing News" and now it's a jpg, so... Anyway.

As this is our maiden voyage into the blogging/newslettering world, it may be a little clunky, and we welcome your feedback! Please let us know what kind of information you'd like to hear about, or any topics that you frankly do not care for. We like to keep the people happy!

(One fun thing I realized is that since the images are literal jpgs, you can't click on the links, you know because now they're not links at all, so I put them all at the bottom as clickable buttons. I am crushing this so far. Won't the next newsletter be so fun?!)

As always, we appreciate you so much, and hope you enjoy this little baby of ours. We may be biased, but we think she is just adorable. She even has that new baby smell. Awwwww

Oh, and P.S. speaking of clunky, maybe even janky, this is a few days late, but our sale is still on today! Come visit if you're around, or shop online; everything is up to 50% off! Ohhh yahhhhh